Two Viral Videos Show Giant Figures Towering On Hills in Mexico

Two videos circulating on the internet, filmed in Mexico, depict what seem to be enormous figures perched on top of large hills in different regions of the country.

The first video, filmed in Tlalnepantla and uploaded to TikTok, showed an enormous entity walking on a hill.

The second video, filmed by a truck driver passing through the state of Aguascalientes, shows a similar figure standing at the summit of a hill. The driver can be heard saying, "the giants invade us" in the video.

Both videos have sparked speculation and debate, with some believing they could be footage of Bigfoot. However, others believe they are clever hoaxes or optical illusions due to the camera's perspective.

They also compare a similar case that made headlines last year in Canada, where a witness filmed what he believed to be a giant on a mountain.

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