Mysterious Figure Spotted In Washington State Forest, Could It Be Bigfoot?

A dark scary concept. Of a mysterious bigfoot figure, walking through a forest. Silhouetted against trees in a forest. With a grunge, textured edit.

Photo: Moment RF

A photo circulating online appears to show a bipedal creature in a Washington state forest, leading some to believe it may be Sasquatch.

The photo was reportedly taken "about a year and a half ago" by a friend on a fishing trip but only recently shared with the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization.

The clear photograph shows a dark figure seemingly looking toward the camera, but it is difficult to discern its facial features.

The individual who shared the photo, Ron, claims to have also heard mysterious tree knocks and an eerie "talking" sound during his own visits to the area.

Some believe the creature in the photo could be a juvenile Sasquatch, but others argue it is likely a hoax or a trick of light and shadow.

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