Receptionist Discover Venomous Snake in Office Printer Paper Tray

Snake and Printer

Photo: Canva Images

A receptionist in Sydney, Australia, was shocked to find a poisonous Eastern Brown snake curled up in the paper tray of an office printer.

Professional snake rescuers from Sydney-based Australian Snake Catchers were called to remove the snake and posted footage of the operation online.

In the video, the snake catchers can be heard commenting on the size and appearance of the snake as they remove the entire printer and carry it outside to coax the snake out. Using a hook, the snake was pulled out by the tail.

Eastern Brown snakes are protected under the Nature Conservation Act 1992, and it is illegal to harm or remove them from the wild.

These snakes are common in the eastern half of Australia and are particularly abundant in farmland and suburban areas where they can find their favorite prey, rats and mice.

Though they can be defensive, their venom is extremely potent and can quickly lead to paralysis and death.

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