Woman Finds Strange Dead Creature On Texas Beach

A beachgoer in Texas made a strange discovery earlier this month at Port Bolivar Beach in Galveston.

Suzanne Choate Arceneaux stumbled upon the remains of a mysterious sea creature that has been compared to something from a science fiction film or an alien.

Arceneaux posted a picture of the creature on Facebook and explained that she had been "walking the beach today and noticed a lot of dead things, seagulls, pelicans, stingray, a ton of jelly fish," but was stopped in her tracks when she spotted the "strange fish" that left her scratching her head.

The creature has a long body that resembles that of an eel but with an open mouth revealing a row of teeth.

Arceneaux asked online if anyone could identify the oddity. She received a range of suggestions, from the fantastical to the realistic.

Eventually, a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department representative explained that the creature was likely a snapper eel and not something from out of this world.

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