Game Called Love - Kidd Leow ft. Jeremy Thomas

     "When Kidd Leow contacted me to make a record I was very excited! I've been wanting to connect for years to do an EDM track. When Leow & I got together in his studio it was pretty much magic on the first try, We got along great & our working styles was a great match. The music for GCL started to form up great and Leow said “OK buddy you gotta kill the lyrics and melody, cuz this is a slammin' track!” So I  spent a lot of time listening & plotting out the emotions of the music. I really wanted to give Kidd a track lyrically he would be proud of. 

I try to put myself in the mind set of the listener of my lyrics & imagine the club pumping & the mood of someone out there rockin' on the dance floor. I also know from my own experiences that a lot of times people are looking for love & passion when clubbing & how hard that can be sometimes. I thought “some people treat Love like a game & I don't want to be one those people!” Love can be such a struggle when your in it for the wrong reasons & I think people are sick of playing the “Game Called Love” So I dove in head first to that idea. Kidd Leow & I really hope that you not only get a Bad ass jam but that you also feel empowered to be yourself and not play games with your heart or others." 

- Jeremy Thomas

March 6th - Game Called Love will be released, until then help us spread the word for us :-)

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