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Instant 'POD'ification (Can't Follow + Too Handsy)

THEjoeSHOW Full Show (2-28-2024)

We are winding down to the final days of February and we want to finish this month STRONG! Did you miss any portion from this morning's show? Why didn't our listener Grayson get ghosted with 'Left On Read'? Someone on the show isn't following you if you're dating, bird poop is good luck, and so much more! Stream everything from start to finish on the free iHeart Radio App.

Dating, But Not Following

If you're in a relationship or you're dating someone... do you have to be following them on social media? Or is that a dealbreaker?

Same Side Sitter...

Is sitting on the same side ever acceptable on a date? That is what we are asking because of what had happened earlier this morning with 'Left On Read'

Left On Read (Touchy Feely)

Grayson called in because he wasn't getting a call back. We want to find out why he was 'Left On Read'. Will we get him another date?

House Sitting Failure

Producer Jed was house sitting one of his neighbors dogs and thinks took a turn for the worst...

Bird Poop = Good Luck

A new study claims that over a third of people believe that a bird pooping on you is good luck! Are you part of this group?

Ashley's Number Change

Over the past several days, Ashley has been pestered by class mates and former friends. She's tired of it and wants a # change! Why did you change your number?

Does He Have To Take Him?

Producer Jed got an amazing surprise last night while he was FaceTiming with one of his friends from college. But does he have to take him?

Is Jed Sick?!

Producer Jed claims he is not sick! But he is showing a few symptoms! Whatever you do, Jed... don't get us sick!