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THEjoeSHOW Full Show (3-24-2023)

Hit The Headlines 2 (3-24-2023)

We take it to Ashley Nics who gives us the inside scoop of everything that is going down around Tampa Bay and around the world

Is It A DJ?

With Sunset Music Festival coming up in less than 6 weeks, we decided to play a little game to earn yourself some passes for the weekend!

Its A Simulation!

Both Ashley and Producer Jed are convinced that we are living in a simulation... do you think we are in the Matrix??

Hit The Headlines 1 (3-24-2023)

Ashley gives us good news on this Friday morning! Lets take a look at what is going on around Tampa Bay and around the world!

Find The Florida Man (3-24-2-23)

Two news headlines... can you spot which one is from the state of Florida??

Three Things To Know With Joe (3-24-2023)

TSA won't allow you to bring this to the airport anymore, which state is banning Tik Tok, and more! Its the three things you need to know before starting your day

The Five at 6:55 (3-23-2023)

We play it every single morning. Will we get a winner for Sunset Music Festival? Sam from Lakeland will test her luck in this pop culture trivia game!

Is Honesty The Best Policy?

Would you rather someone sugar coat something or just give it to you straight up? Ashley didn't mince words when it came to telling the truth!

What's Your Sign (3-24-2023)

Your morning reading is here! Ashley looks into her crystal ball to give you that FriYAY morning reading! Lets roll!