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THEjoeSHOW Full Show (9-22-2023)

Hey, You Owe Me A Date!

Our new associate Producer Teri had a strange encounter with one of the guys who helped her get back into her car after she locked herself out...

Douchebag Of The Day (Golf Course Freakout)

This guy has gone viral for taking off his shirt at a golf course and cursing out other players... of course he is going to be added to today's Douchebag of the Day... Listen here to find out why

Find The Florida Man (Powered By Smack Apparel)

Two news headlines... you have to guess which one is your neighbor! Its time to play a game we named Find The Florida Man

Ask Ashley (Pay For Your Own Golf)

Need advice? Ashley's got it for you every morning! If you're in need of advice you can always text 'ask' to 97720!

The Best Karaoke Song

Ashley went to 'Trap Karaoke' last night and it was amazing... but it begs the question of which is the best karaoke song?

Joe Puts His Foot In His Mouth

Joe said something to Producer Jed this morning that he definitely wants to take back... how did you put your foot in your mouth?

Its Time For The Weekend!

We kick of Friday with a bunch of fun and incredible prizes! Will you

THEjoeSHOW Full Show (9-21-2023)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE! Today was a big show as we celebrated Joe's 28th birthday! We also had a phenomenal War of the Roses that stemmed off of someone who thought they were being stalked on Tik-Tok... and someone on the show has a dead neighbor thats still in their apartment?! Listen for everything from start to finish now on the free iHeart Radio App or wherever you get your podcasts. And make sure to listen for the special keyword in this podcast to win Dave Chappelle and SZA tickets!

Dead Man Next Door

Who on the show believes that they have a dead person as their neighbor? Should they call authorities or no?