Facebook’s new privacy fixes have broken Tinder

Well, it is official! Facebook has broken Tinder and users who were booted off the popular dating app are on Twitter complainig about it!

Ever since the news of the Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal broke, and Facebook went into panic mode with as many as 87 million users affected by their data being improperly shared with the UK firm Cambridge Analytica, the team at Facebook has been rolling out more and more data privacy and security updates. 

This afternoon, the team at Facebook made changes that restricted what developers can access, and that is where Tinder comes in! Not too long after the latest round of changes, many Tinder users started venting on Twitter that they were  kicked off the app and couldn’t log back on, instead those who used the Facebook Login were caught in an annoying infinite loop, and since you need a Facebook account to log into Tinder, this issue has potentially affected Tinder’s entire user base.



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