Best and Worst places to live in Florida

All around the country people think of Florida and pictures of beaches and theme parks pop into their heads, but we all know that there is so much more to Florida than that. 

The 10 worst cities in Florida. 

10: Holly Hill

9: Poinciana

8: New Port Richey

7: Hialeah

6: Daytona Beach

5: Opa Locka

4: Florida City

3: Palatka

2: Fort Pierce

1: Kissimmee

Where did they get this list from? The creator of the video looked at Income, unemployment, commute times, crime and school funding to determine the list. 

Photo: Getty Images

Ok, now that the WORST cities to live in Florida is out of the way, let's look at the best places to live in Florida! Based on Income, unemployment, home prices, commute times, crime and school funding. 

Here are the top 10 cities to live in Florida:

10: Parkland

9: Tequesta

8: Coral Gables

7: Marco Island

6: Gulf Breeze

5: Naples

4: North Palm Beach

3: Lighthouse Point

2: Palm Beach

1: Key Biscayne

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