An Amendment May Make Killing Cats & Dogs To Eat Them Illegal In The U.S.

So I'm really really really really REALLY confused about this, and REALLY angry. 

If you know me, you know I am a HUGE animal lover...especially cats.  Especially my cat (pictured below).  And I get it, there are different customs in different cultures in different parts of the World.  I've never really understood those that eat cat or dog, but hey, that's their right in their culture.  I can totally think it's absolutely one of the most disgusting things ever, but again, if that's your culture, it's your right.

But this is America.  Why is there ALREADY not an across-the-board law that prohibits eating cats and dogs, or even slaughtering cats or dogs for meals?  

Why is it only banned in New York, New Jersey, and California???

Say hello to my son Aiden:

Yes, I consider him my son.  

Just the THOUGHT that there are states that would allow the slaughter of him TO EAT absolutely DISGUSTS me.

This "amendment" better pass with flying colors......

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