"Remembering: Avicii" by Brian Fink

I can't even put into words how gutted I am of the news that Avicii has died.  His music meant so much to me.  And he was so young!!!!  And soooo talented.

One of the first times I ever met Tim was in 2011, he was doing a show with us at The Venue.  Got the chance to sit with him and interview him backstage... and he was one of the nicest guys.  BEYOND cordial.

It goes without saying that his show WAS AMAZING!!!!

He came back to Tampa Bay and played AMALIE ARENA in 2012!!!  And again, the show was INCREDIBLE!!!  He was set up in a head, that at one point flew over the crowd!

It was insaaaaaaaaaaane!!!!

Then a few years later, got to see him at Ultra when he brought out Aloe Blacc.  This was his introducing us to this electro-Folk sound.  It was really weird and unexpected at a place like Ultra, but the more I heard the stuff, the more I loved it.

The next year we were in Miami when the announcement came that Avicii would be cancelling his performance at Ultra due to sickness.  There were a lot of rumors about what happened, but nobody realized how sick he truly was that weekend.

He then retired from touring and making music to concentrate on his health.

In 2017, Avicii would return with a new album...and it was epic having him back.

What is the Meaning Behind Avicii's New EP Name? - Thumbnail Image

What is the Meaning Behind Avicii's New EP Name?

When news broke today that he had died, it was beyond shocking.  And absolutely heartbreaking.

He was only 28.  Wtf.  So tragic.

Thank you for the incredible memories, Tim.  Your music will live on forever. #RIP

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