DJs & Musicians Pay Tribute To Avicii

Waking up this morning and seeing all the tributes last night to Avicii. Still so surreal to me, still so heartbreaking that he died. Tim was a man that affected so many people’s lives thru his music and his sets. If you’re unfamiliar with the name ‘Avicii’, just google him; you’ll definitely know his songs. 

Kygo closed out his set at Coachella last night with a moving tribute. 

Don Diablo did an incredible tribute, which literally brought a tear to my eye watching. 

Just hearing the brilliance and talent of Avicii, and knowing it’s gone. 28 years is nowhere near enough life. 

Nick Jonas:


I think the only thing that makes any of this a little easier is seeing the incredible love everyone had for Avicii. 

#RIP Tim. 💔

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