Chuck E. Cheese Throws Shade At Build-A-Bear, Offers Own Pay Your Age Promo

Let's face it, yesterday was a perfect example of #FirstWorldProblems.

If you've been living under a rock and didn't know, yesterday Build-A-Bear offered a "Pay Your Age" promotion, which ended up being a little more than some malls could handle. lol  People started lining up with their kids early in the morning, some waited in line for HOURS, just to get a Build-A-Bear for a little cheaper.

I was at Westfield Brandon last night around 8p, and the line STILL stretched past a whole wing of stores.

Well Chuck E Cheese has decided to hop in the game by throwing MAJOR shade at Build-A-Bear, by offering their own #PayYourAge today!!

Savage, Mr. Cheese.  Savage.

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