Gandy Blvd. Construction Project overview

If you have ever driven Gandy Blvd in South Tampa during the daylight hours, you have spent more time stopped, than moving. The traffic is due to the the explosive growth in South Tampa over the last 10 years and the thousands of cars that travel over the Gandy Bridge each day being forced into a 4 lane road with businesses every 100ft from Westshore Blvd to Bayshore Blvd. 

In the coming years, the THEA will be working to make Gandy Blvd less congested with The Selmon Extension, a 1.9-mile toll lane located in the median of Gandy Boulevard, which will allow a choice for local residents and regional travelers: use Gandy Boulevard for local destinations or use the Selmon Extension for a direct connection to the Selmon Expressway or the Gandy Bridge.


Photos: THEA


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