Pirates & Pet Festival

Bring out your 4 legged friends (Dog’s) to enjoy our festival to celebrate our fury buddies. 

Pet Demonstrations - Witness canine agility presentations that run most of the day every day of the festival.

Pet Costume Contest - A warm welcome and a cracking family-friendly day out! With traditional heavy athletic events like hammer throw and the caber toss are a spectacle like no other. It all takes place against a scenic Renaissance backdrop.

Ultimate Air Dogs - Be sure to check out the Ultimate Air Dogs dock diving competition in Piper’s Valley! The dock will have different contests going on all day long and you’ll be wow- ed with the talent and love for the water from our four-legged friends. Watch the Catch-It, Fetch-It, and Splash events as the dogs jump off of the dock into the pool. It’s a whole new sport you’ve never seen before!

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