Hear Brian Fink's 911 Call When His Appendix Ruptured

If you didn't know, a few weeks ago I had to have an emergency appendectomy after my appendix ruptured.

On a Sunday morning, I blacked out after having bad stomach pains and getting really nauseous. When I woke up, I crawled to my couch and called 911 for an ambulance.

I reached out to Hillsborough County to get my 911 call because I was curious how bad I sounded, since I really didn't remember much of it.

It blows my mind listening to the 911 audio!

Brian Fink - 911 audio

Jesus, it pains me listening to that!!!

I remember being in A LOT of pain, but didn't remember how bad I was on the phone.

But thank God they got me to the hospital in time, surgery went well, and I'm on the road to recovery!!

Thanks to everyone that reached out and kept me in your thoughts.

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