Tampa Riverwalk Wins 'Greatest Place in America: People's Choice Award'

Tampa makes us proud again with this big award!

This was some good local news, as Tampa Riverwalk has been crowned 'Greatest Place in America: People's Choice Award.'

It's Georgia here, I got to experience the Tampa Riverwalk for the first time last week. It was really beautiful to walk around with it's attractions, walking/biking path around the Hillsborough River, and downtown Tampa. It also displays little tidbits of history and info around the loop, which I had never seen or heard of. It's also developing new restaurants, hot spots, and new public features all the time.

An online contest was done by the "American Planning Association" and had other finalists like 'Uncas Leap Heritage Area' in Connecticut, 'Katy Trail' Missouri, 'Detroit Riverfront', and the 'Navy Yard' in Washington D.C.

According to the America Planning Associations site, it states that "The Tampa Riverwalk plan started back in the 1970's. That it has grown and evolved since then, and has gone through different changes and phases since. Also, that's it's taken six mayors, and 40 years to complete."

See ya down on Independence Day for the fireworks!

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