Disney Selling Cocktail Popsicles! Now Available At Epcot.

Disney selling cocktail popsicles?

A new cold, summer, boozey treat for us adults at Disney World.

Epcot at Disney is now offering gourmet Cocktail Popsciles by Pop Fusion. These will be located at the theme parks Italy section 'Via Napolis' beverage and snack cart. There are three different flavors available will be Limoncello, Sparkling Strawberry, and Berry Sangria. Which all sound really good and refreshing for the for the hot summer at Disney.

These are alcoholic cocktail popsicles, for adults that are exclusive to adults 21 only. However, there are non-alcoholic flavors available as well, like the the Classic Strawberry Popscile, Tiramisu popsicle. The Limoncello is filled with Limoncello Liqueur and fresh raspberries. The Sparkiling Strawberry one is made of frozen sparkling wine with fresh strawberries, and the Berry Sangria is a dash of wine and fresh berries. More information on these new lit popsicles is here. -@georgiasmith87

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