Cat Cafe Coming To Tampa

A cat cafe is coming to St. Petersburg.

I first heard of 'cat cafes' in Japan, Canada, England, and some in the states, but this will be the first and only one in the Tampa Bay area. If you're a cat lover then this is right up your alley. You'll get to be up close and cuddle up with some cats at the Sunshine Kitty Cafe . This 'catfe' is planning on opening up later this year in Downtown St. Pete.

The main focus of the cafe is to help and supply cage-free foster homes for cats while they wait to be adopted. The 'catfe' is has been partnered with Friends of Strays, (a no kill animal shelter.) This is great to sit with a cup of coffee and find a little friend to take home.

The plus side to the cat cafe versus a shelter is the interaction between the 'possible' pet owner and the cats.

Founder and 'CE-Meow' Amanda Jones says "Customers will have the opportunity to spend as much time as they wish with the cats in a relaxing environment where they will be able to see each cat's true personality. The atmosphere will foster stronger bonds with the cats, leading more successful adoptions, decreasing adoption returns and re-homing efforts, and further reducing euthanasia rates by allowing the shelter to take in even more homeless and stray cats in our community."

The Sunshine Kitty 'Catfe' is currently focusing on renovating their space. For more details and info, you can follow the kitty catfe's facebook page here.

I will be checking this out However, Buster will not! He said he'd "rather be shot" -@georgiasmith87

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