Ihop Introduces New Pancake Burger

Ihop is expanding their burger selection on their menu, and are including a "pancake burger."

Introducing three new steak burgers.

The first burger we've got is...

  • 'The Big IHOP Pancake Burger.'This burger is a premium steak burger on a brioche bun, with cheddar cheese, American cheese, hickory smoked bacon, signature 'ihop sauce', and of course a fluffy buttermilk pancake. This new burger is the highest in the calorie content compared to the other burgers, going at 1310 calories. Holy moly!!! This new pancake burgers price is $10.29 with your choice of a side.

  • Next on the new burger menu is the "Garlic Butter Steak Burger" - This steak burger is 860 calories, and is topped with house-made 'Girlroy' garlic butter, smoked back bacon, with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayonnaise, on a brioche bun. (If I ate meat, this one would be my first choice) This burger is comes with your choice of a side and is $9.49.

  • This last one will be a good choice for Buster since he's leaving to Philadelphia (insert sad crying face here)... This ihop burger is called the 'Loaded Philly Steakburger.' This includes sauteed onions, melted white cheddar cheese, on a brioche bun, with your choice of a side. This steak burger has 820 calories, and costs $9.49.

I'm not a meat eater, but these burgers do look pretty good. These burgers are now available for a limited time only. So, hurry and be prepared to throw your diet out the window! -@georgiasmith87

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