Reimagined Disney Princesses Looking like Human Beings

Disney Princesses looking like real people?

Disney Princesses always look so flawless and perfect. You'd never catch them in unflattering, bad lighting or a bad pose. Princess Jasmine can go on a magic carpet and her hair, makeup, is untouched, and she looks beautiful going upside down, whirling through the air. However, us in real life, sometimes (for example) looking back at pictures of us after a roller coaster ride, is not so flattering! Even when I accidentally have the selfie mode on my phone, I look like Jabba Hutt. Yikes!

The artist Andhika Muksin behind this work, has gained a large following from his photo-shopped and altered Disney Princesses. Andhika has re-imagined Disney Princesses looking like normal people, capturing their real reactions, and it's hilarious. (I think I can relate to the Cinderalla one the most.)

He has also done some other fun Disney art on his facebook page that you can view here, and his instagram here. -@georgiasmith87

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