Dash Berlin Posts Heartfelt ‘Thank You’, Will Continue Performing

Dashers finally have reason to rejoice!

After a year of turmoil surrounding ‘Dash Berlin’, looks like “the epicness continues” according to a social release.

Last week, we got a press release that both sides had finally come to an agreement surrounding the future of the performance name.

Jeff finally took to the Dash Berlin social accounts with a very heartfelt message for his family and the fans:

I want to thank my lawyers Mr. Düzgün, Mr. Zee and Mrs. Wisman for their continued support and advice on both personal and professional level. I couldn't have done this without you. I want to thank my wife for staying behind me all the way through heaven and hell ❤.

He continued:

All my family, friends and colleagues who reached out and showed support: THANK YOU. You know who you are... The epicness continues!

And the hashtags he used says it all:

#DashIsBack and #DashIsJeff

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Can’t wait for new music from Dash Berlin!

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