Brian Fink Shows What It’s Like To Try To Give Pills To Cats

If you’ve had a feline fur child, you probably know exactly how this video is going to go.

But if you’ve never owned a cat, I wanted to show you just how much fun it is trying to give them their medication.

If you didn’t know, my fur child Tucker has been diagnosed with renal lymphoma. So not only has he started chemo, but he’s also on a steroid. Which is the pill I’m trying to give him.


Of course, if you are a pet owner, you know there are other options when giving pills to animals.

Pill pockets: Tucker won’t go near them. Already tried that when he had a surgery a few months ago. He’s too smart for it.

Pill gun: not an option for me. I used this option on another cat of mine years ago, and it’s way too violent for my liking.

Some other pet owners definitely had some other suggestions:

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