I Got Lip Fillers for the First Time, Check Out Before & After Photos

Tell me you haven't been curious about lip filler, because I def was ;)

I mean, I only trust South Tampa Dermatology with my face and since I've been doing Botox with them for years I was already familiar with the delicate touch they use with these treatments. So I said LET'S DO THIS...and I loveeee the results!!

The pics below were immediately before and after the filler was injected (sorry for the weird lighting change lol).

Dana is G R E A T. We discussed the subtle enhancement my lips would reflect (because I didn't want them to look "DONE" if you know what I mean). She answered all 10,000 of my questions in full detail. I gotta say, being able to be completely in the know of what to expect was amazing :) I was confident in my decision before I even saw the results! They applied a numbing cream to my lips & then we were ready to roll. A lot of people asked "did it hurt?"... to be perfectly honest, it was not bad! I think I expected something much different, but I mean it IS a needle so it def felt needle-y but it was certainly manageable. Plus can I say again how much I love the 'after'?! I am obsessed. It def makes wearing lipstick way more fun ;)

Schedule your appointment today with South Tampa Dermatology to discuss your options & how to enhance your already beautiful face!

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