Seesaw Sessions Podcast: Nik Wallenda

Nik Wallenda is the King of the High Wire.

But in 2017, after a horrific accident that nearly killed his sister and members of his team, he had to face something he'd never faced before: fear on the wire. (Hear the latest episode of The Seesaw Sessions below)

On this episode on The Seesaw Sessions, Nik shares how he overcame that fear. Plus how he got over having multiple TV specials cancelled, and how he moved past being told he would never be allowed to walk across Niagara Falls... which he successfully did!

Listen to his amazingly inspirational life!! #NeverGiveUp

Seesaw Sessions Podcast: CM Punk
Seesaw Sessions Podcast: CM Punk
On a new episode of the Seesaw Sessions with Brian Fink, CM Punk talks about what led to the decision to walk away from a very successful career with the WWE. Plus...


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