Top 10 Things To Eat At Busch Gardens Christmas Town This Year

We went to the opening night of Busch Gardens Christmas Town & OMG the food! You def shouldn't miss these festive treats & comfort bites! The lights were so, so pretty & I was twirling thru the park to all the Christmas music :) Are you shocked?

1. Waffle Cristo

2. Pumpkin Cheesecake cup

3. Beer cheese soup

4. Festive donut skewer

5. Dessert pretzel sticks

6. Loaded mashed potatoes, one with turkey and gravy & one with short rib

7. Pulled pork hash

8. Mac & cheese melt

9. Holiday brews,Blue Point Brewery Winter Ale & Samuel Adams Winter Ale (my fav!)

10. Chicken & waffle sandwich

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