FESTIVE THINGS TO DO IN TAMPA BAY: Busch Gardens Christmas Town

Top 10 foods to try, Christmas lights, super cute penguins AND Santa!

It was my second weekend in a row at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay & there is SO much to do, you almost NEED multiple trips to get the full Christmas Town experience!

Seriously this is perfect when you have family or friends visiting from out of town, my mom flew in from Wisconsin yesterday & it was literally the first thing I had on the to-do list. She had the BEST time, it was way cute :)

Wanna know more fun stuff to do in Tampa Bay during the holidays? Check out my friends at UNATION! Get the app today, I love it.

1. Waffle Cristo

2. Pumpkin Cheesecake cup

3. Beer cheese soup

4. Festive donut skewer

5. Dessert pretzel sticks

6. Loaded mashed potatoes, one with turkey and gravy & one with short rib

7. Pulled pork hash

8. Mac & cheese melt

9. Holiday brews, Blue Point Brewing Winter Ale & Sam Adams Winter Lager (my fav!)

10. Chicken & waffle sandwich

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