WATCH: Sam Smith Backstage At 93.3FLZ's Jingle Ball

I honestly can't even properly put into words how amazing it was finally getting to talk with Sam Smith last night at 93.3FLZ's Jingle Ball!

I've got an incredible story that I'll share below on just how amazing of a soul Sam is, but first... THE INTERVIEW!! (Watch the entire interview below)

Sam stopped by the Mercedes Benz Interview Lounge, and shared how 2019 was for them. They also gave us insight into how they overcame a lot of adversity in their life, and what advice they would have for anyone else going through hard times.

Quick story from before the interview started to show you how thoughtful of a human being Sam Smith is.

We were getting ready to start, just chitchatting about whether they've gotten to rest a little (which Sam said yes, they had just woken up in fact lol). And then Sam goes, "I'm sorry, what was your name again?" to which I respond, "Brian, but that's not important." And Sam goes, "That's very important!"

Just the fact that they took a second to make sure I knew it was important they knew my name, INCREDIBLY thoughtful.

Sam could've just laughed off my response, but they didn't.

Such an amazing human being.

Seesaw Sessions Podcast: Damon Sharpe - Thumbnail Image

Seesaw Sessions Podcast: Damon Sharpe

In case you missed Sam Smith & Normani's AMAZING performance of "Dancing With A Stranger"...

It was the first time they'd ever performed it live together!

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