30-Pound Cat Named “Big Lebowski” Finally Adopted

This story makes me so happy AND so angry.

First the happy... a 28-pound cat named “Big Lebowski” has been adopted! (See the adorable furball below)

A loving family adopted him back in October!!

PS: This is as good of a time as any to plug MY fur kids on Instagram! Lol

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CONTEST: Win A Complete Set Of BTS Mini Dolls

Now what gets me so angry...

In an original news story about the cat, they said that he was surrendered because the family was moving.

How is that a reason to give up your fur kid??

I’m just hoping there were some extra circumstances as to why the family couldn’t take the cat with. Otherwise that is so crappy.

Don’t own a cat if you don’t plan on taking care of it for its entire life!

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Seesaw Sessions Podcast: SHAED

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