Seesaw Sessions Podcast: John Santoro

The latest episode of The Seesaw Sessions was very special for me to record, because my guest has been my friend and family for 20 years.

I've also lived through everything that we talked about! (Hear the latest episode below)

John Santoro has owned some of the most successful nightclubs in Tampa, Florida. He also founded and runs Sunset Music Festival, one of the biggest music festivals in the south. But in 2007, he decided to end the original incarnation of SMF. And in 2016, he watched as his biggest nightclub burned down.

On this episode, John tells us the history of his nightclubs, how he overcame the fire, and what made him start Sunset Events. Plus what advice he would have for anyone that feels like life is hitting them from all sides.

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Seesaw Sessions Podcast: MAX & Sam Smith

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