WATCH: Mom Delivers Powerful TED Talk About Life With Autistic Son

This TED talk blew me away on so many levels.

First of all, this mom delivers an absolutely incredible and powerful speech about life with her autistic son. (Watch the TED talk below)

But it’s even more impactful because this mom is Jenn Jordan who I have known since I was a teenager. Jenn was actually one of the reasons I got into radio, when she did middays on 93.3FLZ. And when I became an intern at the station and worked with her, I had sooo much respect and admiration for her because she was so good at her job. Plus I had the BIGGEST crush on her... but that’s not important. Lol

Literally had goosebumps watching that. She painted the picture of her life experiences PERFECTLY.

Congrats on the beyond amazing TED talk, Jenn!

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