Seesaw Sessions Podcast: Krewella

With incredibly emotional lyrics to their songs, Krewella's rise to fame in the EDM world, and their connection to their fanbase, was meteoric. They were being requested and booked for every club and every festival across the world. But in 2014, they faced something they had never faced before: a lawsuit that not only tore apart their group, but their fans as well; and forced everything to come to a screeching halt.

On this episode of The Seesaw Sessions, Yasmine & Jahan share how they found themselves again after feeling like they had lost their self-identity. Plus what it was like for Krewella for 4 years prior to getting signed, what advice they would have for up-and-coming artists, and what to expect from their new album 'Zer0'! (Hear the latest episode below)

Seesaw Sessions Podcast: Loud Luxury - Thumbnail Image

Seesaw Sessions Podcast: Loud Luxury

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