Seesaw Sessions Podcast: Quarantined, Episode #1

Normally on my Seesaw Sessions podcast, I speak with people about how they overcame adversity in their lives. Well right now, we're ALL dealing with the same adversity: dealing with being quarantined, and fighting the Coronavirus.

So we can all get ideas, I thought it would be great to speak with people in quarantine to see what they're doing to not go stir crazy. Plus what the first thing is they're gonna do when the Coronavirus pandemic has passed. (Listen to the latest episode of The Seesaw Sessions below)

On this quarantined episode, I speak with:

  • Shannon Gibson (Florida, iHeartMedia Account Manager)
  • Chad Cisneros (Texas, 1/2 of Tritonal)
  • John Suraci (New York, Total Smash)
Seesaw Sessions Podcast: Mark Divine - Thumbnail Image

Seesaw Sessions Podcast: Mark Divine

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