Seesaw Sessions Podcast: Darude, And How "Sandstorm" Is Unifying A Country

Over 20 years ago, Darude released the dance song "Sandstorm". If you've been to any sporting event and been hyped up, you know the song... if it doesn't ring a bell, scroll down, I promise you know it. No one could have ever imagined that 20 years later, it would be used to unify a country during the Coronavirus pandemic.

On a new quarantined episode of The Seesaw Sessions, Darude shares how people in Finland are using his song to comfort them! Watch the video of people dancing to the song on their balconies below! Plus what his quarantine has been like, and what message he would have for everyone. (Hear the latest episode below)

Check out all the people in Finland dancing to "Sandstorm" on their balconies: