WATCH: Anxiety Specialist Shares Tips On Battling Quarantine Depression

Saturday night was really hard for me. It was the first Saturday night in A LONG TIME that my show wasn't on the air. Because of the situation that's going on right now, it just wasn't possible (or really appropriate) to do it anymore. Which was VERY hard. Besides that, a friend of mine has been battling symptoms of COVID-19, and an acquaintance of mine passed away last week from the virus. I'm sharing all of this so you're reminded that we are all going through this together. And it's ok to not be ok.

Dr. Luana Marques, an anxiety specialist, was on CBS over the weekend giving some tips on how to battle quarantine depression. And I thought it would be great to share. (Watch her tips below)

Remember, if you're feeling down, depressed, lonely, PLEASE reach out to someone and talk. It will really help!


Seesaw Sessions Podcast: Quarantined, Episode #5 (Afrojack In Dubai) - Thumbnail Image

Seesaw Sessions Podcast: Quarantined, Episode #5 (Afrojack In Dubai)

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