Zedd Claps Back At Twitter Troll That Says He Doesn't Work Enough

Why do people feel the need to come at artists for not putting out enough music? Do they not realize the process??

A twitter troll decided to come at Zedd, and complain that the DJ/Producer doesn't release enough music. Zedd was having none of it! (See the tweets below)

The troll tweeted:

How do artists like @Zedd get away with only releasing 2 songs in an entire year? I get that he is a perfectionist but come on!! If he produces for a living he better make more than 2 songs in a year that is up to his level of approval... Such a disappointment.

To which Zedd kindly replied with... (WARNING: PROFANITY)

It’s because I don’t give a flying f*ck about what people say, do or want. U can’t force creativity. I work at my own pace and don’t burn myself out. I’ve worked 5 years not taking any time off making my album and other people’s albums... I burned myself out. Mental health first



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