Golden Corral Is Reopening, Serving New 'Family-Style' Meals

When the announcement came that Sweet Tomatoes was shutting down all their restaurants, it shook and saddened a lot of us that loved their Focaccia bread, and all-you-can-eat dining! Of course the next logical thought was "I wonder if Golden Corral is next!" Well here's our answer...

The parent company of Golden Corral has announced they're slowly reopening their restaurants, with a new way of serving!!

According to TMZ:

Golden Corral says it's serving guests cafeteria-style, with cooks loading up customers' plates with as much grub as they desire. The new service model eliminates the need for guests to touch utensils. Golden Corral is also serving "family-style" meals, where large platters of food are delivered to guests sitting at their table.

(Photo: Getty Images)

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