WATCH: I Taught My Cat To Ring A Bell For Treats

Hi. My name is Brian Fink. And if you know anything about me, you know that my cats Aiden & Tucker are my kids. (make sure to follow them on Insta: @AidenAndTucker)

That's why this moment is SUCH a proud moment for me! I was able to teach my kids to ring a bell for treats!! (Watch the training video below)

I'm sure you've seen the videos on YouTube or Instagram of the cats sitting at the table ringing the bell. If you haven't, scroll down for one of them. But this, and the fact that a friend of mine on Facebook was able to train hers, made me want to try!

It definitely took a lot of patience, and A LOT of t-r-e-a-t-s, but it FINALLY happened!!


Soooo proud of my kid!

(Photo: Brian Fink)

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