Denver Broncos Install COVID Sanitizing Misting Booth For Players

I mean, I'm all about this being installed EVERYWHERE if it actually works!

The Denver Broncos have installed a COVID sanitizing misting booth at their team facility, that sprays the players with a non-toxic disinfectant in hopes of killing any virus. (See the misting below)

According to TMZ:

We're told the booth is spraying a product called "MicroSURE" -- which is touted as a powerful nontoxic disinfectant that kills viruses like E.Coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Coronavirus upon contact.

According to Aric DiLalla, lead writer for the Broncos:

This disinfecting spray helps protects the players from COVID-19 by killing microbes and pathogens instantly by forming millions of nano-crystalline structures. Players walk through the non-toxic spray as they walk out to the practice field for a walkthrough or practice.

(Photo: YouTube)

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