Florida Kids Trying To Raise Money For Camp With Virtual Lemonade Stand

Over and above everything else going on in the world right now, it sucks when kids don't get to be kids.

Payton, Sloane, and Carter just want to go to camp! Payton & Sloane for gymnastics, and Carter for karate. Normally the family would set up a yard sale, sell old toys, or do a lemonade stand to raise money; but unfortunately because of COVID, that's not an option. So the kids are doing a virtual lemonade stand! (See the details below)

According to the GoFundMe that's been set up to try to raise the $812:

For every $5 donation that we receive the girls will mail you TWO Crystal Light lemonade or pink lemonade packets (US ONLY). 
For every $20 donation that we receive Carter will mail you a tub of either lemonade or pink lemonade (US only). 

(Photo: Chelsea Di Sano)

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