Man Finds His Missing Cat At Shelter While Looking For A New One

Well this is an incredibly happy ending!

A man in Maine was dealing with the loss of his cat that went missing a week ago. So he went to the Humane Society to adopt a new furever friend, when he found the perfect one... HIS MISSING KITTY! (See the awesome post below)

According to the Bangor Humane Society's Facebook post:

Theron came into our shelter today looking for a cat to heal his heart after his kitty, Cutie Pie, disappeared about a week ago. As he perused the kennels, he stopped to examine one of our friends a little more closely and when the cat turned to face him, Theron erupted with joy. THIS WAS HIS CUTIE PIE!! Theron's camera roll was full of pictures of Cutie Pie, leaving no question that this reunion was the real deal!

(Photo: Getty Images)

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