Yup, A $350 PB&J Is On The Menu At A Chicago Restaurant

If you were wondering, it does include GOLD

Per Eater: The center of attention is the over-the-top $350 “Golden Goose” that has to be ordered at least a day in advance. It’s an entire loaf of toasted bread made with edible gold leaf and layered with Maison Dutriez Red Currant Jam; it’s the most expensive jelly in the world, de-seeded by hand with goose quills. The peanut butter is Adams All-Natural, and it’s affordable retailing for around $5 per jar. It’s then drizzled with Manuka Honey, an ingredient native to New Zealand. They’ll also offer PB&Js in loaf form — the sandwiches are reassembled inside a bag, presented to diners, then sliced open table side.

Photo: Getty images