Katie Chats Amazing Perks Of Being A Member Of floridacentral Credit Union

So let's talk about floridacentral Credit Union because I'm kinda obsessed. I mean when it comes to your money, you need to feel good about where you keep it. Howwww about where you can get free checking, you EARN refunds on your nationwide ATM fees every month not to mention over 70,000 free ATMs?! Yeah, that's absolutely a thing with floridacentral Credit Union. I love how their mobile app makes it beyond easy to access your accounts whenever! Hello, instant gratification is my jam 😉 
Like, you know how your phone/smartwatch are basically an extension of your arm? Perfect. With floridacentral Credit Union you can pay with your phone or smartwatch by attaching your floridacentral payments account to the pay service on your device. Voila! So easy.
Perks on perks on perks! Get more info on being a member of floridacentral Credit Union, you're gonna be a major fan 🙂