Katie's Weekend in Five Pics: February 26th - February 28th

Burrito bowls, bouquet of anniversary flowers & brunch at home

"Wanda-Vision" on Fridays & these low-card burrito bowls were everythingggg. That show is so insanely good, I can't even.

Aww Sean and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary this Saturday. He never forgets (me on the otherhand...lol)

Another banging Saturday AM workout with my girl Xiomi at Soho Cycling! I love those classes soooo much.

Homemade brunch a'la Sean's brother (literally with like 10,000 eggs and 50 lbs of bacon/potatoes). Do you think Rufus wants to try a little nibble? ;)

Sundays are for starting new shows! You know I love scary stuff, so "Sweet Home" was right in my wheel house. It's so good!

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