Man claims to have seen Skunk Ape at Myakka River State park

This is footage taken at Myakka March 2, 2013 using iPhones with us only (WAIT FOR THE ZOOMED IN SHOTS). You will see actual still shots of this thing (Myakka Skunk Ape). Some have called it a bigfoot or sasquatch. To see it on video pause around 2:03​-2:08​. You can see it in the middle at the thin tan line of grass just under the tree line. Also here you will see the deer to the left a little closer in. They seem to appear several times then lay back down.


Does the Florida skunk ape visit Myakka River State Park? Park manager Steve Giguere says no; some researchers say yes.

What do you think?

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Photo: Canva Images

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