Anabel Englund Talks Her Fourth #1 Song, Performing Again, & #FinkysFirsts

Photo: @iamBrianFink on IG

A fourth #1 on the dance charts for Anabel Englund in a little over a year. Pretty amazing! Got the chance to catch up with Anabel to celebrate this awesome feat. She shared how her smash “Waiting For You” with Yotto came together. Also what it was like performing at her first festival back, Day Trip LA. Plus she gave great advice on why you should be willing to get out of your comfort zone.

(Watch the full interview below)

Anabel also took on #FinkysFirsts! Find out about:

  • Her first song
  • Her first performance
  • Her first time mixing
  • The first person she’s gonna thank when she wins her first award


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