WATCH: Brian Fink & KB Attempt TikTok Cake Flip Challenge

Foto: @iamBrianFink on IG

I honestly still can't believe we pulled this off. There's a TikTok Challenge of flipping a cake, and seeing if you can catch it. Katie Butchino and I decided to elevate it, and attempt to throw it OVER my head to her catching it behind me.

We were so nervous going into this. Because we only really had one shot at it. Sure it’s one thing to flip a cake yourself on TikTok, it’s a whole other thing to flip it over your head, make sure to get enough height and get out of the way quick enough, and have someone behind you catch it. NEXT LEVEL. Couldn’t be more proud of KB for sticking it! (Watch the video below)

If Cake Flipping isn’t a sport at Paris 2024, it’ll be a travesty. THIS IS SOME OLYMPIC TYPE 💥 RIGHT HERE! Two full rotations, into an almost perfect catch by KB. The Canadian/American judge gives us a 9️⃣.9️⃣!! Perfect form on my release, perfect flips in the air, and sticking the landing. Only a slight deduction for her fingers touching the icing. I’d say this is worth a 🥇 more than speed walking!!


Here's where the idea came from...

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