WATCH: Dillon Francis Talks His #1, New Album, & #FinkysFirsts

Photo: @iamBrianFink on IG

It's been WAY too long since I've had a chance to catch up w Dillon Francis. But no better time than to celebrate a #1 on the dance charts!

Dillon Francis shared how "Love Me Better" came together w Shift K3Y & Marc E. Bassy. He also talks about what it was like working on his album and new music during the pandemic. (Watch the full interview below)

Dillon also took on #FinkysFirsts! Find out:

  • Why he hadn’t heard any curse words until he was 13, and what his first swear word was
  • What the first Elvis song he ever heard was
  • What his first ever show and festival were like
  • The first time he met Diplo
  • The first text he sent the morning we chatted


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