Angry Pats Fan Buys Billboard Trolling Belichick Ahead Of Brady's Return

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots

Photo: Getty Images

If you're a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan, you are VERY aware that this Sunday night marks the return of Tom Brady to his old stomping grounds. And I say "stomping grounds" because that's hopefully what our Bucs do to the Patriots this weekend.

Well New England fans are ALSO very aware of this weekend's game, and the return of the GOAT. And one angry Patriots fan actually bought a billboard to troll Bill Belichick! (See the troll billboard below)

The hilarious billboard says:

The OWL is no longer wise without his GOAT!

It has a picture of an owl wearing Belichick's famous hoodie and a goat with Tom Brady's number. It also says "BB 62-74", which is Belichick's record without Tom on his side.



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