Gronkowski Hilariously Trolls Tom Brady Over 600th TD Football

Super Bowl LV

Photo: Getty Images

By now, you most likely know the story of Tom Brady’s historic 600th touchdown football. If you don’t, here’s the quick of it. This past Sunday, Tom Brady threw his 600th touchdown pass to Mike Evans… which Mike Evans subsequently handed to a #GoBucs fan wearing his jersey, like he normally does. Not even realizing this was a very historic ball he was giving away. After some negotiating by the Bucs staff, they were able to get the ball back.

Well of course Brady’s bff Rob Gronkowski had to troll him about the whole situation, and did so perfectly with one simple tweet! (See the hilarious tweet below)

Gronk tweeted:

Thank you for giving Tommy his ball back. He was worried he doesn’t have enough TD balls. @TomBrady

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