Premature Baby Saves Dad's Life Who Had A Heart Attack At The Hospital

premature baby lies on dad's chest

Photo: Getty Images

This is an amazing story that shows everything truly does happen for a reason. A father in California was technically saved by his newborn baby!

The man had been having shooting pains in his shoulder, but didn't realize it was a symptom of a heart attack. Luckily for him, his baby was prematurely born a month early, which sent him to the hospital to pick up the newborn and his fiancée. When he got to the hospital, he ended up collapsing. (See the rest of the story below)

The medical staff that was treating the mom and baby rushed the man to the ER, where they found out he had 100% blockage in an artery. So they were able to clear it and put a stint in, and save his life!

If the baby wouldn't have been born early, who knows where the man would have been!


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